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GIS Integrated Solutions
Authorized Developer and Distributor of ADC Maps on CD

GIS Integrated Solutions is the authorized developer and distributor of 'ADC Maps on CD', now delivering ADC's popular and well-known street map books with local, county and statewide street map data for Maryland, Northern Virginia, Delaware, and Washington, DC. These CD's provide fast, powerful solutions for libraries, realtors, engineers, developers, delivery personnel, schools, government sites, and other professionals.

We are your "Preferred Vendor" for GIS Services, Data, Software, Hardware and Training. We can help support your internal GIS needs with local street map data, property tax data, MDProperty View, MD Technology Toolbox Data, GDT Data, USGS Digital Data, MrSID image compression as well as other national, regional and local data.

We pride ourselves on delivering to you the best GIS products and services with emphasis on quality and customer service. Our goal is to support you by providing GIS Mapping Services, GIS Production Services, and GIS Consulting Services including needs analysis and implementation recommendations. Our products include GIS software, data, training, land information data, digital imagery, custom GIS applications development, and hardware recommendations.

ADC The Map People
Over 40 years of Mapping Excellence

Every so often a product line is developed that is so good and so noteworthy that consumers insist on buying that brand only. ADC maps are such a product. From Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C. to New Castle County, DE, ADC has come to stand for accuracy, reliability, and currency -- the standards by which the best map products are judged.

Travelers, professional drivers, and business people throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Atlanta, GA seek ADC map products. And, if they don't find what they're looking for they call us. On those rare occasions that we don't publish what they need, they beg us to add it to our line.

Why such loyalty? Because for more than 40 years, ADC has been committed to providing our customers with a broad range of the most up-to-date, easy-to-read maps in the region. Maps they trust. Maps that get them where they have to go. Maps that deliver quality at prices they can afford. Maps that are backed by a team of dedicated service professionals.

That's how ADC The Map People has become known as the "Awfully Darn Careful" map company.


Phone: (800) 829-6277 x349 or (386) 873-3010 Mon - Fri, 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM ET
Fax: (386) 873-3011
Mail: Kappa Map Group
        Sharon Edwards
        Specialty & Custom Sales
        2000 Brunswick Lane
        Deland, FL 32724


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