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Can we show the ADC map with our location on it?
Yes. The ADC Maps on CD product allows the user to add labels and other custom attributes. The resulting image can be printed or saved as a file.

Do I need special software to use ADC Maps on CD?
No. Applications that work with the ADC maps on CD TIFF images are: Adobe Photoshop, Image Composer, Quark, and Microsoft Word. Since we also have the images compressed, LizardTech's MrSID Viewer will allow you to view, clip and export portions of the image to TIFF format for use with any application that can view TIFF images (i.e. Micrisoft products such as Word, Powerpoint or Paint).

If you want the full use of ADC Maps on CD, then it is recommended that you have ArcView GIS. This allows you to not only look up features and addresses, but will also allow you to add multiple layers of data and images (i.e. Aerial Photography, graphics, text, etc.).

Can we customize the maps?
Yes. You can customize the maps for internal use. You may not distribute the original image or "modified" image without expressed written consent from ADC. 1-800-ADC-MAPS / 1-800-232-6277

Can I put a vicinity map of our location on the web?
Yes. It is okay to publish a low resolution image showing the vicinity of your location or locations.

Does the ADC Map on CD overlay with my MDProperty View data?
Yes. We have geo-referenced the data to MD state plane NAD83 meters, NAD27 feet and in other states, to their state coordinate system. We can also convert the data for you as a custom service. This allows you to use the data with your pre-existing data (MD Technology Toolbox, USGS Data, Vargis, etc.) and eliminates the frustration of having the data in different projections.

If we look up an address, will it tell us the ADC grid as well?
Yes. Using ArcView or ArcExplorer (Free) you can find the address and identify the ADC grid cell very quickly. This is now being used for dispatchers and delivery / dervice personnel.

In the ADC book map, I can look up features such as airports, post offices, universities, etc., can I do the same with ADC Maps on CD?
Yes. If you use Arc View, we have designed a special tool to find these features quickly and easily.

Do you have a project file (.apr) for use with ArcView?
Yes. We have designed ADC Maps on CD to take advantage of the power within ArcView. Tools, project files and special scripts allow for easy installation and use.

Custom Maps

Practical. Economical. Desirable. Custom maps on CD are all these things, and more. Car rental agencies, banks, realtors, and public utilities are just some of the businesses that have benefited from putting their names on our custom maps. They know that their customers do not simply put these maps away in a drawer, but use them over and over again, providing a long-term brand name impact other premiums simply do not equal. And they know that with ADC, they are associating their names with products that suggest quality, accuracy, and dependability.

Customization of maps can take a variety of forms. We can customize the ADC Maps to show store/branch locations on road or street maps; or add specific logos or symbols. Every custom map job is unique. We invite you to call us or email us at the location below. Our Custom Service Representatives (or E-mail us at are available to discuss the specifics of your special project.

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